About Us

I am Shannon, she is Carrie, and together with our three children we are Two Broad Crew. We are a blended lesbian family with three children all from previous relationships; Parker, age 12, Abby, age 9, and Reese, age 5. I (Shannon) do 99.9% of the writing here, while Carrie prefers to do support work behind the scenes. I enjoy researching and writing about families and relationships, especially ones that look like ours, and I find that there’s a disappointing lack of information out there about the kind of family we have. I hope to fill some of that void with this blog! For 17 years, I worked in public schools as both a classroom teacher and a Principal. Nearly one year ago now I left my career in education, and am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling, with plans to eventually work with couples and families. After working as a roofer and home remodeler for over 10 years, Carrie obtained her degree in Education at the age of 34, and began her career as a teacher. As a couple and as a family, Carrie and I enjoy traveling (especially to our favorite place on earth: Costa Rica!), working on various self-sustainability projects and efforts around the house (extensive vegetable gardening, raising chickens, capturing rain water, making our own soap, preserving food we grow), and home improvement projects (from putting in a fire pit to entire additions to our house!). We hold a few concepts very dear; that experiences are almost always more important than stuff, that living simply and well within your means is not only possible but critical for getting what you want out of life, and that as a couple, nourishing our relationship is absolutely central to the health of our entire family.

I hope you enjoy what we have to share with you!