Minimalism is a concept that’s been gaining in exposure and popularity for a few years now. Carrie and I first learned about the concept of minimalism through watching documentaries on the subject. The more we researched it, we quickly realized that minimalism was something we very much wanted to incorporate into our lives. Minimalism can look very different, person to person and family to family. Some minimalists rid themselves of nearly all earthly possessions, and own only what they can carry with them, leading a nomadic life. Others apply the principals of minimalism to an otherwise fairly conventional life, attempting to be more mindful of spending habits, keeping clutter at bay, and the acquiring of possessions, as well as keeping the importance of “stuff” in our lives to a manageable minimum. We definitely fall into the latter category. Minimalism for us is always something that we’re striving towards. Read on for ideas and information about how we incorporate the concept of minimalism into our family’s every day lives.

Picking apples


Playing games vs. watching TV
Christmas vacations instead of mountains of presents